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2014 Seed Listing

Hi gardeners! Once again last year wasn’t a bad year for tomatoes but it sure wasn’t great. The ones I grew here in Toronto did quite well, but at the farm they turned out pretty average. Next year I’m going to construct a fence around the garden here and use raised beds and try the ‘square foot’ method of gardening. Maybe that’ll keep the critters out and the produce (except for the tomatoes, which they seem to leave alone) won’t get eaten by pests. I’ve got a lot of compost to amend the soil so it should get in good condition. The small greenhouse once again proved to be most beneficial. I managed to avoid problems with damp off that I experienced last year. I scrubbed all the trays with a mild mixture of bleach and water and mixed a bit of cinnamon in the seed starting soil, then occasionally put hydrogen peroxide in the water and it seemed to do the trick. Once again this year I’ll have seedlings for sale. As usual, I expect them to be ready to be picked up around the end of May. If you’re interested in any let me know and I’ll send you an email in May of the varieties that I have available.

The interest in heirloom tomatoes continues to grow although the prices in the stores have begun to level off. The selection has never been better. We don’t sell hybrid, chemically treated or genetically modified seed. All of our seeds are organically grown, and most are heirlooms. Our tomatoes are grown for their taste instead of appearance, uniformity, concurrent ripening or long shelf life.

We’re dropping quite a few varieties again this year and have added a few. Of the new additions Blue P-20 in a real good novelty tomato. It actually is dark blue!

As always, we have no shipping and handling charge, and all applicable taxes are included in the price. Our prices are unchanged from last year. I have a limited supply of most varieties so please give me a call if you want to purchase bulk quantities of any variety. Each packet contains 20 to 25 seeds.

We still have a lot of seeds that we grew for a company in the UK that changed their mind and decided to not purchase the seeds we grew especially for them. The germination is still very good and we’d be happy to sell them in bulk at very reasonable prices. The varieties we have are Black Brandywine, Black Cherry, Yellow Brandywine, Tiny Tim, Cuban Black, Gardener’s Delight, Great White, Green Sausage and Black Krim. If you’re interested in a bulk purchase of any of these varieties please let me know.

Our mailing list is never shared. Happy gardening in 2014! Below are some tips for starting your seed and growing your own tomatoes.

The best time to start your seeds is from April 1st to April 15th. I’ve found that 6 to 8 week old transplants do best. I move them to a 4 inch pot after about 3 weeks, and plant them a little deeper than they were before. Roots will grow out of the stem that’s now buried and you’ll end up with a stronger root system.

When planting in the garden, I soak the roots before planting and you should plant deeper than they were in the 4 inch pots. The space to leave between the plants depends on the variety. A very small plant like Tiny Tim needs only about 18 inches from plant to plant; larger plants like Amish Paste or Red Brandywine should have 5 feet in each direction. Indeterminate plants should be staked or caged to keep the fruit off the ground and reduce the risk of disease. They should be pruned but I don’t always do this. To prune tomato plants, pinch off any growth coming from where the branch meets the main stem. Pruning can increase yields, but very acceptable yields can be obtained without pruning. Keep the weeds down and look forward to a great harvest!

Please note that we’re strictly mail order and do not have a retail store. However, if it’s convenient for you to pick up your seed order here it’s no problem as long as I know what you’d like so I can have it ready for you.