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Variety Name Type Leaves Colour Size  
Season: Early
Acadian CherryIntermediate Regular Red Small ORDER
Compact plants produce lots of cherry sized flavourful tomatoes.
Amish CherryDeterminate Regular Yellow Cherry ORDER
Excellent tasting big yellow cherry tomatoes. Huge yields.
Beaver Lodge SlicerDeterminate Regular Red Small ORDER
Very prolific producer of 2 1/2 inch unblemished fruit. Good taste.
BelmonteDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Tolerates cool weather. Tender fleshy pulp with few seeds. Excellent taste.
Black CherryIndeterminate Regular Black Cherry ORDER
Very prolific. Cherry tomatoes are about as big around as a quarter and have an excellent taste. Great for salads.
Black PearIndeterminate Potato Black Small ORDER
Brown-red pear shaped tomato with an excellent spicy flavour. Very productive. This is my favourite black tomato and my wife's overall favourite.
Black PlumIndeterminate Regular Black Small ORDER
Outstanding flavour and huge yields.
BlondkopfchenIndeterminate Regular Yellow Cherry ORDER
The name in English means 'Little Blonde Girl'. Prolific producer of small yellow cherry tomatoes. Tasty.
Bloody ButcherDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Average yields but good taste.
Brown BerryDeterminate Regular Black Cherry ORDER
Not as dark as other 'black' tomatoes but these grape size fruits are prolific and have great taste.
Camp JoyIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
A productive large red sweet cherry tomato. Grows very well in containers. Great taste.
Canabec SuperDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Developed in the 1970s in a Quebec tomato breeding program. Sets fruit during cool weather. Produces lots of 5 oz. fruits.
Chadwick's CherryIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Very prolific. These are well known for their great taste.
Doucet's Early Quebec MarketDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Very early. Tasty fruits are 2-3 in. in diameter. Very productive.
Dr. CarolynsIndeterminate Regular Yellow Cherry ORDER
Large round to olive shaped cherry tomatoes. Fruits are borne in clusters. Extremely heavy yields.
GarciaDeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Productive with red cherry sized fruit.
Gardeners DelightIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Nice flavoured red cherry tomato about half an inch in diameter. Very productive. Fruit is grown in clusters of 6 to 12 fruits.
GlamourDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
A very old good tasting variety. Resistant to cracking. Productive. I've grown these for several years for bottling.
Gold NuggetIndeterminate Regular Yellow Cherry ORDER
Usually the earliest tomato in our garden. Good yields of yellow cherry tomatoes. Good flavour.
Golden PearIndeterminate Regular Orange Small ORDER
Great looking orange fruits are shaped like pears. Looks great in salads.
GrapeIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
These are slightly pear shaped and are so sweet they usually don't make it as far as the kitchen. This won a tomato tasting contest at Edward's Gardens.
Green ZebraIndeterminate Regular Green Small ORDER
Fruits are about 2 in. in diameter and are green with yellowish stripes when ripe. Excellent tart flavour. Very high yields. A real eye catcher! Introduced in 1985.
HarbingerIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Reliably high yields of medium sized red thin skinned fruits. Does well in cool areas and the flavour is superb. Introduced in 1910.
Isis Candy CherryDeterminate Regular Bi Cherry ORDER
These are fun to grow. The fruits are multi-coloured and tasty. A great novelty tomato.
Ivory EggIndeterminate Regular White Cherry ORDER
Prolific producer of cream coloured egg sized fruit. Great taste.
Japanese Trifele BlackIndeterminate Potato Black Medium ORDER
A very good high yielding tomato. Very similar to Black Pear.
John BaerIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
We grew these commercially on our farm when I was a child. Solid meaty old time favourite. Good for eating fresh or canning.
ManyelDeterminate Regular Yellow Medium ORDER
Name means many moons. 3 inch round clear yellow fruit hangs from the plant. Mildly sweet and juicy.
MoneymakerIndeterminate Regular Red Small ORDER
Dark red good tasting fruit. Heavy producer. 5-6 oz. fruits are crack resistant. An old English greenhouse variety. Disease resistant.
Mrs KroeckerIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
This was given to me by a customer in Western Canada. It's an excellent cherry tomato. They're about an inch across and have a very sweet taste. Great in salads. Prolific production.
Negro AztecaDeterminate Regular Black Cherry ORDER
A rare and beautiful black cherry tomato. Very good flavour.
NyagousIndeterminate Regular Black Medium ORDER
Round fruits with smooth skin. A very flavourful black variety. Very productive.
Orange BananaIndeterminate Regular Orange Medium ORDER
Sprawling plants with good yields. 2 oz. plum shaped tomatoes with pointed ends. Sweet tart flavour. Good disease resistance.
PeacevineIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Very sweet red cheery tomatoes have a very high vitamin C content. Sprawling disease resistant vines produce huge crops.
Peche JauneIndeterminate Regular Yellow Small ORDER
A beautiful large cherry. Huge yields...a couple of plants will keep you and your neighbours supplied all summer.
Pink Ping PongIndeterminate Regular Pink Cherry ORDER
Developed in Ontario in the 1960s. Vigorous vines produce an abundance of georgeous great tasting pink cherry tomatoes about the size of ping pong ball. Very prolific.
Principe BourgheseDeterminate Regular Red Small ORDER
Positively huge yields of small disease resistant red fruit. The taste is good if eaten fresh but this is the best tomato to use for drying. Also is a good tomato for sauces.
Purple PrinceIndeterminate Regular Purple Medium ORDER
Good tasting fruits have a purplish colour. Great yields.
QuinteDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Disease resistant. This was developed at the Smithfield Research Station near Trenton. Neat compact heavy bearing plants. Medium sized dark red fruit. The skin is thin so they're easily peeled for canning.
Red FigIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Very similar to Red Pear but the plants are bigger and the yields are huge.
Red PearIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
A very prolific old variety that's been around since the early 1800s. Small red pear shaped fruit has a sweet flavour. Very high yields. Rambling vines can reach 6 feet.
Red ZebraIndeterminate Regular Bi Small ORDER
Small fruits are streaked with yellow. Very pretty when sliced.
RomaDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Very heavy yields. An excellent red paste tomato. Great for canning. Disease resistant. A very reliable performer.
Sasha's AltaiDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
From Russia. Excellent flavour. Does well in cooler climates.
Sub-Arctic MaxiDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Developed in Alberta in the 1970s for short season regions. Large fruit for an early variety. Very good yields and flavour for such an early variety.
Sweet One HundredIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Healthy vigorous plants. High vitamin C content. The vines can climb to 9 feet and produce tons of sweet delicious fruit.
Sweet One MillionIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Advertised as a hybrid but reproduces true. All my seed is descended from a single plant I purchased at White Rose about 20 years ago. Grows to about 8 feet if you let it climb and produces tons of sweet cherry tomatoes about as big around as a quarter. In all the years I've grown this variety I've never seen any evidence of disease....not even blossom end rot.
TaxiDeterminate Regular Yellow Medium ORDER
Extremely productive with great taste.
Thai Pink EggIndeterminate Regular Pink Small ORDER
I grew this for the first time this year and it's a great tomato. Many thanks to Carrie Adams for sending me some seeds. Very prolific and great taste.
TigerellaIndeterminate Regular Bi Small ORDER
Red tomatoes with yellow stripes. Productive.
Tiny TimDeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
Dwarf plants do very well in containers. Heavy producer of dime sized cherry tomatoes.
TrophyIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Introduced in 1870 for the unbelievable price of $5 per packet and within a year nearly every seed company in the U.S. was carrying this variety. Clusters of medium sized red fruit with outstanding sweet mild flavour.
White CurrantDeterminate Regular White Cherry ORDER
Compact plants produce hundreds of cream coloured fruits with good flavour.
Yellow LollipopIndeterminate Regular Yellow Cherry ORDER
Small sweet tasting yellow cherry tomatoes. Prolific.
Yellow PearIndeterminate Regular Yellow Cherry ORDER
Fruits are shaped like small yellow pears. A very old productive variety.
Season: Mid
Allegany SunsetIndeterminate Regular Bi Large ORDER
Beautiful yellow-orange fruit with red marbling. Good flavour with low acid. Very pretty when sliced.
ArbuznyiIndeterminate Regular Purple Medium ORDER
Originally from Russia. Good producer of 8 oz. fruits with occasional green striping. Outstanding flavour.
Arkansas TravelerIndeterminate Regular Pink Medium ORDER
Excellent tasting dark pink fruit. Drought resistant. A very reliable producer. A pre 1900 heirloom.
AzoychkaIndeterminate Regular Yellow Medium ORDER
From Russia. Heavy yields. Flesh is quite meaty and has a citrusy flavour.
BeefsteakIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
Large solid fruits with a mild flavour. Still widely available commercially.
Belgian GiantIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
Large red good tasting fruit. Can weigh over a pound.
Berkeley Tie-DyeIndeterminate Regular Bi Medium ORDER
Green tomato with red yellow and green stripes. Developed in California in the 1970s. I got this from my friend Vicky Emlaw.
Black BrandywineIndeterminate Regular Black Medium ORDER
Another good black variety from the Black Sea area. Fruits are 5 to 6 oz. with traditional salty/smokey flavour.
Black KrimIndeterminate Regular Black Medium ORDER
Medium sized dark red-brown fruits sometimes have green shoulders. Excellent smoky/salty flavour. Great in salads or straight off the vine. From the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea.
Black PrinceIndeterminate Regular Black Medium ORDER
Dark brown very sweet fruit. Mild flavour is sweet and rich. Very good yields.
Black Yum YumIndeterminate Regular Black Cherry ORDER
Juicy flesh has a tart flavour. A great salad tomato.
Box Car WillieIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Red beefsteak fruits with good flavour. Huge yields.
Buckeye StateIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Good tasting and productive. I grew this in my home garden and it did very well.
BushwhopperIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Very high yields of uniform excellent tasting dark red fruit.
Cafe BruleIndeterminate Regular Brown Cherry ORDER
An oval tomato with very sweet flavour. Very productive. One of our favourites this year.
Captain LuckyIndeterminate Regular Green Medium ORDER
Good tasting greenish-striped tomato. Average production.
Chateau RoseIndeterminate Regular Pink Medium ORDER
Fine sweet and flavourful pink-red French variety. Crack and blemish free. Very productive; excellent flavour. A positively beautiful tomato.
CobraIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Developed for growing in a greenhouse but has produced very well in the field. Uniform good tasting red fruit. Advertised as a hybrid but has grown true for me for several years.
Cream SausageIndeterminate Regular White Medium ORDER
I love the look of these. They're 4 inches long and are a beautiful cream colour.
Crimson SprinterDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Does well in cooler climates. heavy yields. Thick skinned so it keeps well.
Djena Lee's Golden Girl Indeterminate Regular Orange medium ORDER
Very high yields. Meaty flesh has a sweet flavour.
Don JuanDeterminate Regular Pink Cherry ORDER
Oval shaped fruits have yellow and orange stripes. A paste type with great flavour. Huge plants are very prolific.
DonaDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Fairly productive and good tasting.
Earl of EdgecombeIndeterminate Regular Orange Medium ORDER
Fruits are about 3 inches across and have excellent taste. Originally from New Zealand. They're a very striking orange colour. A real beauty.
Flin FlonIndeterminate Potato Pink Large ORDER
From Manitoba as the name implies. Excellent slicing tomato with very good flavour.
GermanIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
Large meaty tomatoes can weigh over a pound. Good flavour and yield.
Giant PasteIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Big round fruits are very fleshy with few seeds. Good for canning or sauce.
Golden QueenDeterminate Regular Yellow Medium ORDER
Good yields of nicely coloured fruit. Good taste and yields.
Grahams Good KeeperIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Medium sized fruits are good fresh frozen or in sauces. Keeps very well.
Great WhiteIndeterminate Regular White Large ORDER
Vigorous growth habit. Large creamy/white fruit has low acid flesh. Very good flavour; high yields. Fruit can exceed 1 lb. To get larger fruit pinch off some of the blossoms otherwise you'll end up with small fruit.
Green SausageIndeterminate Regular Green Medium ORDER
This variety is getting popular on road side stands. It's about 3 inches long and is green with reddish stripes. An eye catcher.
Green VelvetIndeterminate Regular Green Medium ORDER
The skin is yellow and green and the flesh is a beautiful lime green. Wonderful flavour and huge yields. This one won a taste test with my neighbours a few years ago.
JewishIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
Large heart shaped fruits weigh 1-2 lbs. Excellent flavour; good yields.
KeepsakeIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
A quality tomato for storage but not that great for fresh eating.
Large RedIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
This was the first tomato seed offered for sale by the Shakers pre 1830. Full flavoured and juicy. At one time this was by far the most popular variety in America.
Longkeeper Indeterminate Regular Pink Medium ORDER
Good production of paste type fruit. Flavour is average but it has a very long shelf life.
Marvel StripeIndeterminate Regular Bi Medium ORDER
Fruits are above average in size with yellow stripes.
Mennonite Heirloom CherryIndeterminate Regular Orange Cherry ORDER
Dark orange cherry tomatoes with great flavour.
MoonglowDeterminate Regular Orange Medium ORDER
A very beautiful productive tomato. Firm flavourful bright orange fruits.
MoskovichIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Excellent yields of 4 to 5 oz. Uniform round smooth fruit. Produces consistently until killed by frost. Excellent shelf life without being tough skinned.
New Hampshire SurecropIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
I acquired this one from Plant Gene Resources a few years ago. It's a good one- very uniform and productive; excellent taste. This came second in a tomato tasting contest at Edward's Gardens.
Old BrooksIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
A beefsteak type. Very good yields. Fruits are more acidic than most and are good for canning as well as eating fresh.
OpalkaIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Introduced about 1900 to Amsterdam NY from Poland. An 5 inch banana shaped paste variety. Very few seeds. Foliage is somewhat wispy. Productive. Blight resistant.
OxheartIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
An heirloom dating back to 1925. Large heart shaped pink fruit with very few seeds. Excellent sweet flavour.
Paul RobesonIndeterminate Regular Black Medium ORDER
Nice uniformly shaped fruit. Productive. Typical black tomato flavour.
Pink BumblebeeIndeterminate Regular Pink Small ORDER
Productive and tasty with pointed ends. A good novelty variety.
PonderosaIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
Plants get quite large and like support. Large meaty flavourful fruits have a small seed cavity. A very old variety- it used to be grown at Upper Canada Village.
Prudens PurpleIndeterminate Potato Purple Large ORDER
Large purple tomatoes have an absolutely exquisite taste. A very old variety. Does well in cooler climates.
Purple CalabashIndeterminate Regular Purple Medium ORDER
I got a few of these tomatoes from my friend Vicki Emlaw a couple of years ago and they have to be the ugliest tomato I've ever seen. But they taste great! Pick off some of the blossoms so you get bigger fruit. A must for the serious tomato lover.
Purple RussianDeterminate Regular Purple Medium ORDER
These have great taste and are very productive.
Qiyaini JuangIndeterminate Regular Orange Medium ORDER
Great tasting fruit. Productive.
Red BeautyDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Huge yields and great flavour. Fruits were uniform in size and kept well.
Red CurrantIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
A very small cherry with intense flavour. Extremely productive.
Regina YellowIndeterminate Regular Bi Large ORDER
Very productive producing large 1 lb yellow and red fruit.Big sweet fruity flavour.
RiesentraubeIndeterminate Regular Red Cherry ORDER
A German heirloom and the translation is Giant Grape. Grows in clusters of 6 to 10 1 oz fruits that have a small point on the bottom. Extremely prolific. Sweet/tart flavour. Grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch as early as 1856.
Russia 117Indeterminate Wispy Red Large ORDER
Oxheart heirloom. Unusual double heart shaped form. Blemish free. Solid fruits can reach 2 lbs. Delicious.
Sandia GemIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Seeds were supposedly found in a leather pouch on a mountain in Peru and carbon dated to the early 1800s. Great sweet flavour; heavy yields.
Santa Clara CannerIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Fruits can weigh up to a pound. As the name implies a good canning variety. Easy to peel firm flesh. Very good yields. Supposed to be an indeterminate but grew more like a determinate for me.
SavignacIndeterminate Regular Pink Medium ORDER
An heirloom developed in Quebec. Fruit is medium sized juicy sweet and pink/rose in colour. Very productive. Vigorous growth; disease resistant.
Sicilian SaucerIndeterminate Regular Red X-large ORDER
Good yields of absolutely huge fruit with ridges. Good taste.
Snow WhiteIndeterminate Regular White Cherry ORDER
Productive plants have lots of small white cherry tomatoes with a pleasant mild flavour.
TangerineIndeterminate Regular Orange Medium ORDER
8-12 oz. tangerine shaped fruit. Good taste.
TrentDeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Developed at the Smithfield Research Station near Trenton in 1967. Very good production of good tasting baseball sized tomatoes originally used in the canning industry.
Vintage WineIndeterminate Regular Bi Medium ORDER
6-10 oz. fruit is red with yellow streaks. Beautiful pale exterior. From Vicky Emlaw who said it was a good one and she was right!
Violet JasperDeterminate Regular Purple Small ORDER
Greenish streaks and dark flesh. Strongish tomato flavour.
Wins AllIndeterminate Regular Pink Large ORDER
Slightly flattened beautiful blemish free. Outstanding flavour. 1 to 2 ibs.
Yellow PerfectionIndeterminate Potato Yellow Small ORDER
Thin skinned with delicious flavour. Productive.
Season: Late
Amish PasteIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
An old Amish variety that dates back to at least the 1800s. Probably the best paste tomato we grow. Very meaty. Good yields of 5-6 oz. Oblong fruit.
Aunt Ruby's German GreenIndeterminate Regular Green Large ORDER
Pale green 1 lb fruits may have a pink blush on the blossom end. Good taste and yields.
Black PineappleIndeterminate Regular Black Large ORDER
Huge black tomatoes. Small yields. Doesn't keep long after picking.
CarbonIndeterminate Regular Purple Large ORDER
Beautiful dark purple-brown tomato with olive coloured flesh. Productive. Fruits are very firm and crack resistant.
Kellogg's BreakfastIndeterminate Regular Yellow X-large ORDER
Huge yellow-orange fruits can reach 2 lbs. Juicy and meaty with delicious rich flavour.
Mortgage LifterIndeterminate Regular Red Large ORDER
Dates from the 1940s. Good producer of very large firm fruit. A meaty and vigorous red beefsteak type. Great flavour and fruits have few seeds.
Nebraska WeddingIndeterminate Regular Orange Medium ORDER
Beautiful 3 inch ball shaped firm orange fruits have excellent flavour. High yields. Quite meaty. Crack resistant.
Oxheart OrangeIndeterminate Regular Orange Large ORDER
Very nice 12-16 oz. oxheart type fruit. Good yields.
Peron SpraylessIndeterminate Regular Red Medium ORDER
Very productive 5 foot plants with lots of baseball sized deep red fruit. Disease resistant blemish free and great flavour. Keeps well after picking and has a high vitamin C content. Originally from Argentina. I was impressed with this one.
Red BellyIndeterminate Regular Bi X-large ORDER
Very large fruits can reach 2 lbs. Skin is yellow with a red bottom and red streaks up the sides. Very good non-acidic flavour. Keeps better than other bi-colours.
Red BrandywineIndeterminate Potato Red Large ORDER
The heirloom standard for taste comparisons. Needless to say the taste is excellent. Fruits are medium sized and quite late. Productive. Dates from prior to 1885.
Yellow BrandywineIndeterminate Potato Yellow Medium ORDER
Great tasting yellow fruits. Moderate production.